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Mercoledì 24 marzo

New coordination compounds and composite materials with potential applications in the biological, catalytic or sensor fields
Fabio Marchetti, Corrado Di Nicola

Reactions on the computer. Geometries and Mechanisms
Corrado Bacchiocchi

Both Chemical Biology as well as Composite Materials have their roots in Organic Chemistry
Enrico Marcantoni, Serena Gabrielli, Cristina Cimarelli

The unknown world of Analytical Chemistry
Mario Berrettoni, Paolo Conti, Silvia Zamponi


Mercoledì 7 aprile

Chemistry for the environment: from Analysis to pollutants elimination
Rita Giovannetti, Stefano Ferraro

Multidisciplinary strategies involving metal complexes: from biological to catalytic and technological applications
Maura Pellei, Carlo Santini

Unconventional technologies for the synthesis of highly functionalized scaffolds
Marino Petrini, Alessandro Palmieri

Proteins as intelligent polymers: large structural/functional changes upon small physical or chemical specific stimuli
Mauro Angeletti, Massimiliano Cuccioloni


Mercoledì 21 aprile

Food quality assessment: the role of chemists
Dennis Fiorini

Electrochemistry, energy and sustainability
Francesco Nobili

Synthesis and characterization of molecular and supramolecular compounds based on 11th group metals for optoelectronics and/or biological applications
Rossana Galassi

Structural elucidation of natural compounds
Luciano Barboni